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I’m Ursula and I’m a Software Engineer and also an Astrologer! I have a background in Art and work in Computer Science. Using both polarities, my readings are creative and spontaneous. I tune in with my left brain to receive messages. I also use my scientific background and knowledge to study your charts in great detail!

There are no limits to what you can do with Astrology – I use it to plan big changes in my life, and to plan every day meetings. In times of peril, Astrology can guide you to an easier passage. Most of the time, I am just playing with Astrology for the fun of it! It’s amazing how unique every chart can be.


Thinking of moving or just want to know where the best place is to go on holidays?
Astrocartography tells you where your best Astro "ley lines" are.


Looking for the best time to get married, start a new project, relocate?
Elective astrology can help you get the most out of it!


As part of a reading, I can look at one additional chart or you can choose a more complicated reading to see how other people play into your life story.

Transits and more...

Every reading includes an overview of your upcoming planetary alignments.
If you have specific questions you can let me know!


My suggested packages, additional charts can be added if you need


Per Session

  • Intuitive reading via email/in person
  • Transit overview / key dates
  • Copy of your chart & Astrology mini lesson


Per session

  • All of mini reading features plus
  • Key Dates
  • Add in extra charts of partners/friends Relationship analysis
  • Ask longer email chat back and forth
Astrology lesson


Per session

  • Interactive reading plus
  • Feedback session with lesson about your chart - and any other questions you may have about Astrology
  • Elections - Pick a prime date for your event/launch
  • Specific requests


My personal musings on what's above that reflects below!

On my blog I like to discuss upcoming transits and positive ways to use Astrology! My favourite thing to talk about is the bigger picture worldwide.

Get in Touch

Feel free to contact me directly to arrange a customised reading

    In eastern astrology, where the moon was when you were born is more important than the Sun! In western Astrology, it is equally as important. The moon changes sign roughly every two and a half days.

    You are unique

    Did you know that your star sign only reflects where the Sun was when you were born? In an Astrology reading, all planets in the solar system are discussed, as well as important asteroids!

    Where to find me

    Ireland, Belgium or online!

    Keep in touch

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