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Sky and Ground Tarot & Astrology


I’m Fae and I’m a Software Engineer and also a tarot reader, medium & Astrologer! I have backgrounds in Art, Music and Computer Science. Using these polarities, my readings are spontaneous. I tune in with my left brain to receive messages. I use my scientific background and knowledge to study your charts in detail and with my creative background I intuit messages!

There are no limits to what you can do with these tools – I use it to plan big changes in my life, and to plan every day meetings. In times of peril, these tools can guide you to an easier passage and set manageable expectations. 





Intuitive Clarity

A simple reading on the core issues.
Usually about 45 minutes.

Deep Clarity

We cover different eventualities in
any issues that you have.
Usually about 60 minutes.
I look at your Astrological chart as well as use the tarot for guidance.

Ultimate Clarity

We cover everything with the additional aid of an
in depth study of your Astrological chart.
60 minutes in length,
after I read your chart in advance.
I look at your Astrological chart as well as use the tarot for guidance.

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Need something different? Feel free to specify when booking

    In eastern astrology, where the moon was when you were born is more important than the Sun! In western Astrology, it is equally as important. The moon changes sign roughly every two and a half days.

    You are unique

    Did you know that your star sign only reflects where the Sun was when you were born? In an Astrology reading, all planets in the solar system are discussed, as well as important asteroids!

    Where to find me

    Ireland, Belgium or online!

    Keep in touch

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