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Uranus in Taurus: The Eco Revolution?

Right now Uranus is poised to poised to make a return back into Taurus, where it will remain for about 7 years until 2026. I’ve seen a few discussions around what Uranus in Taurus might bring so here’s my two cents! Keep in mind we’ve already seen Uranus in Taurus in action last year, so I’ll point out some of the sneak previews we’ve already had of “Uranus in Taurus” energy.

Eco revolution?

It’s my biggest hope that Uranus transiting Taurus means humanity finally gets its act together to take responsibility for climate change and the state of the environment. Taurus represents the earth and Uranus represents innovation. We’re going to need to introduce some drastic measures to restore balance to the environment – like the the invention launched last year to clean up the plastic in the ocean.


If you’ve ever seen documentary The True Cost you’ll know that fast fashion has a huge impact on our global carbon footprint and our ecosystem. More chemical pesticides are used for cotton than for any other crop and cotton accounts for 16 percent of global insecticide releases.

I’m hoping to see raised awareness about where your clothes come from and what they are made of. More sustainable materials will become popular for making clothes and hopefully shoes too! Po Zu, a related company are also already making sustainable shoes. As new materials are used to make clothes, maybe we will also see 3D printed clothes. A fellow astrologer, Big Fat Astro noted that every time Uranus is in Taurus we see some sort of revolution related to clothing (e.g. invention of sewing machine)! I’m hoping we don’t rely too much on technology and that there is a rise in locally crafted clothes, which could also be sold on Etsy.

Beech wood trees, the basis for Modal fabric


Will we see a way around pesticide usage, or at least awareness about how detrimental it is for the environment? Pesticides are killing the bees and we need bees to grow food! Maybe it will take a disaster with food safety or quality that is treated with pesticides, similar to the egg fiasco in Belgium or the romaine lettuce one in the United States, pushing people to buy organic and from local trusted farmers markets. How would the organic and local industries deal with the demand? I think we’ll see some new technology invented to help speed up the transition, and you’ll see more farmers using apps to monitor their crops and carry out payments for a small number of transactions.

Vegetarianism and veganism is already going mainstream, and I expect with Uranus in Taurus (Taurus rules food) that as there is more awareness via the Internet about where our food really comes from, the trend towards veganism will continue. Get ready for more labels and certifications on your food. Neptune is still in Pisces so the marketing industry is bound to try and cause some confusion over this, so watch out for anything with additives, especially baked goods. Marketers will likely try and make additives look more natural by for example, calling something a “fruit extract” when really it could be an unsafe chemical made with fruit that was hurriedly approved by authorities (Uranus does things suddenly). Meat free burgers (available 2020) will become the norm as more people adopt a flexitarian diet and supermarkets support this. Food packaging will change for the better too!

Luxury and artisan local food will also become more coveted. Chocolate and coffee are being impacted by climate change and we’re likely to see the results of this during the Uranus in Taurus transit.

Common staples of a modern vegan diet.

The world of technology

For the past 7 years Uranus has been in Aries. It’s brought independence to technology and the Internet as people have fought for Net Neutrality, but rashness as tech companies have overspent impulsively. We’ll probably see the world of tech slow down as Uranus moves into Taurus. Gone will be the days when tech companies can afford to splash cash on an open bar or put ping pong tables on every floor. There may be cutbacks as there is a bit of a tech bubble burst – unless you work in any sort of technology to do with helping the environment. The push for fairness and diversity in the tech workplace will continue and may finally hit a turning point during Uranus in Taurus as more women leave and stand up for themselves under difficult criticism. There’s likely to be more investment in eco technology (technology that supports positive changes to help the environment), and especially as it becomes trendy to help the environment.

We’ve seen some big hacks/data leaks recently such as the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal and the LinkedIn data breach. During the Uranus in Taurus transit we’re more likely to see financial details be in jeoprody. We could see a hack around contactless payments like on the London Underground a few years ago or a network crash like the Visa one last year, except this time it could last longer (likely because of something physical breaking or a cable being severed, and it could even be as a result of a natural disaster). All of this good in the long run as it forces better security to become a priority in technology. Any positions related to information security will become a higher priority as a result.

Speaking of security, we may also see innovations in technology used for home security. Like how this one guy used a Raspberry Pi for a smart lock door – only commercially available for the average person.

Physically we could see new type of computer, instead of a tablet/computer/phone. Realistically, laptops and PC computers are creating long term bodily issues for users, so some type ergonomic computer would be very much welcomed by Uranus in Taurus (Taurus rules the body)!

Materials used to make our tech devices have had a huge negative impact on the environment and that needs to change. Historically China has provided most of the rare earth materials, but recently a trove has been found in Japan. The problem is that Japan doesn’t have the space to put any of the waste. Uranus will love to help Japan with that and hopefully the Japanese will figure out a way to dispose or transmute the waste to be less impactful or even beneficial for the environment.

Satellite photo of Baotou, Mongolia, where rare earth materials come from to make our electronics.

Changes with the Earth

Speaking of China, they recently banned foreign waste, so now it’s crucial that the world innovates how it’s waste is disposed of. Hopefully this actually means inventions that again, will transmute the waste. There also needs to be education about how to recycle properly, as much of the “recyclable” materials exported to China for example, were too dirty to use.

It’s no secret that the implications of climate change will be devastating if we don’t act soon. Even with our intervention, there are going to be some difficult changes and even the earth’s magnetic field is changing rapidly. Beaches will disappear, there will be more earthquakes and storms, land and buildings will disappear and there will be continued extremes of weather. The best to be is probably somewhere it’s not going to be too hot in the summer.

Other Taurian themes – Humanity, Feminism, Art and Money

There’s so much to cover and I want to keep this post on “eco” point, focusing on what I see as the most aspect of Uranus in Taurus in our time, but here’s a brief overview of some other Uranus in Taurus themes…

We saw the #metoo movement happen in 2017,  but more recently the feminist focus has been on health, the care of their bodies (Taurus rules the body). The #mydoctorsaid hash tag may turn into women’s rights giving birth, as recently a study found that women take a whole year to recover. It has been said that rights for childbirth needs its own #metoo movement. In Ireland, there was a huge movement for abortion rights, so look out for women demanding more autonomy when actually giving birth, and appealing for more natural births and better standards in hospitals.

We’ll see more art that reuses materials and particularly more art that is 3D. We could see another big bitcoin crash, and it’ll be interesting to see if it stabilises or people find out that it really is completely worthless after all! Interior design for the layperson could come back, in a feng shui way. Think Marie Kondo for redecorating!

It’s been said that Uranus is in its detriment in Taurus, so perhaps what reflects that is more robots taking more human jobs, such as Pepper the robot in Singapore. Anything Taurus themed will be impacted the most. Gourmet food robot anyone?

Women’s March 2018. Several thousand people gathered on the grounds of the Iowa State Capitol for
“If You Can’t Hear Our Voice, Hear Our Vote”

Finally, how do you navigate Uranus in Taurus?

Neptune is still in Pisces so watch out for deception around all of the above on the Internet. For example, we’re already seeing eco things becoming trendy. Although there are many well-intention-ed people working for the environment, some are still in it for the money and fame. It’ll be obvious who – have they always led this lifestyle or did they jump on the bandwagon for one? If in doubt, adopt the Virgo (opposite) energy – look at the finer details. So they are selling reusable coffee cups with retro designs. It helps the environment! But what is it made of (plastic or bamboo)? Where do those cups go at the end of their lifetimes? Find trustworthy sources like Vegans of Reason and Snopes to debunk fake news about food. Trust your inner knowing!

If you’re an entrepreneur, it would do well to invest in any of the areas I’ve mentioned: eco tech, sustainable food, secure technology.

Keep your software regularly updated on all devices to prevent possible hacks and use a trusted browser like Firefox for surfing the web. Sophos has a great security blog you can follow to keep up to date with security in tech!

If you’re in IT, make sure you’re either programming the robots or doing something a robot will probably never be able to do. If you’re skilling up or choosing a career path anything creative where you can adapt is a great start. Examples: commissioned custom art & crafts, intuitive psychic readings, taking care of children, education.

I’m sure I haven’t covered all aspects of Uranus in Taurus, what does Uranus in Taurus mean for you? What are you expecting and what do you wish to get out of this transit?

An enhanced photo of Uranus from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope in 2003

6 thoughts on “Uranus in Taurus: The Eco Revolution?”

  1. This is great and goes along with everything I hope, dream, pray and envisioned several years ago! Thanks for sharing your insights and gathered facts! You are helping us move forward into the apocalyptic times! Many don’t even know the true meaning of the word ‘apocalypse’ and associate with the society driven misconception of Zombies or alien invasion(which can both be true if you can read between the lines and think symbolically) Anyways, moving forward, thanks for the links and info for reliable and trusty resources in this rapidly changing time! If you wouldn’t mind, I would love to hear your viewpoints and thoughts on the whole Corona Virus Craze!

    1. The Coronavirus is signified by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January. I wrote about it in another entry. I didn’t say that the virus would be a big deal as I didn’t want to make people panic but I did advise to have your medicine cupboard stocked… My latest entry is about Saturn in Aquarius which goes into the “new normal” we’re experiencing now.

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