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Jupiter in Capricorn: the call to climate action

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Jupiter has just moved into Capricorn where it will stay for about the next year. If you’ve been following the other planetary movements, you’ll know that right now there is a big pile up of planets in Capricorn! Things are getting very serious on a global level, especially politically, leading up to the Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn next month. But what part does Jupiter in particular have to play?

During the month, we’ll see Jupiter move into its only exact trine with Uranus this cycle. As I mentioned in my previous blog, Uranus in Taurus is especially concerned with the issue of climate change. It could be that on the weekend of 14th/15th December, we see a very public, positive announcement from activists/volunteers for a worthy cause. In Ireland, the homelessness crisis is taking centre stage right now. Do-gooders have been leaving winter coats on the bridge in Dublin for record numbers of homeless people to stay warm in the winter. This morning, Dublin City Council took them down. That was very Capricorn of them: stick to the rules, nothing should be attached to the bridge. Will Jupiter in Capricorn allow these rules to be bent for the good of the people? Will Jupiter in Capricorn mean the people will not stand for Grinch behaviour this Christmas?

Dublin City Council removes coats left out for homeless

One word that comes very strongly to me for the Jupiter in Capricorn season is “solidarity”. Times have been tough with the environmental changes we are going through. Even those who have not beared the full physical brunt of environmental chaos have suffered mentally with the expectation and exasperation that there is nothing we can do in time to turn things around. I expect Jupiter in Capricorn to change that tone. I hope that it will be the “call to action” and the turning point for governments to do something about it. Perhaps Greta Thunberg will have something to do with it. Astrologers have been keeping a close eye on her as she has quite a few planets in Capricorn! She’s not giving up!

Our favourite stubborn Capricorn: Greta Thunberg

Obviously Trumps impeachment is a huge part of this. He is a climate change denier, and Americas sun is opposing the pile up of forces in Capricorn. We have just heard news that the impeachment trial is to go ahead, hopefully right in time for the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. It makes sense that people will stand in solidarity against him, for what is right, and this will mark the turning point for America when litigation is begun to protect the earth. There is a campaign to bring in international law to make “ecocide” or destruction (Pluto) of the earth (Capricorn) a crime. This campaign was begun by Polly Higgins, who was actually born on the 4th of July, the birthday of America. Will her laws be brought in during the U.S. Pluto return, which is happening at present?

Capricorn also rules what is ancient and long lasting. Projects started at this time will often stand the test of time. It could be that we will also see the discovery of something regarding the origins of humanity, in the form of skeletal remains. Such a discovery could be something that also brings humanity together, that gives a sense of oneness – we all come from the same place at the end of the day. If you do your 23andMe DNA testing, you’ll find that we all come from the same area on earth, even if we have different haplogroups along the way.

Chlöe Swarbrick, who popularised the term “OK boomer”

Capricorn is the last sign in the zodiac and a sign of endings. The baby boomer generation is starting to die out and it’s time for the younger generations to take over. Most notably, Chlöe Swarbrick responded to an opposition figure to climate change with “OK boomer”. She’s a Cancer whose sun is being opposed by the current stellium in Capricorn, like America. Ok Boomer, you are outdated, move over and let us deal with this mess with grace and care, not conservatism! How tough will it be for them to relinquish control? It is inevitable – so Jupiter in Capricorn may signify their final grasp loosing as they reluctantly hand over the power. This generation has led the world into a capitalist downward spiral economically, so whatever new comes in to replace it, it needs to be very different. It must be, with all the planets transitioning into Aquarius. Aquarius is weird, wonderful and diverse, so keep in mind that while things look dull and the same old outdated way of doing things, it is simply the end of that cycle, and we have an Aquarian world to move towards!

Astrology is Uranus ruled, which rules Aquarius, so this should normally be quite a good thing for astrologers and those interested in astrology. Move forward and already begin to be your weird, wonderful, diverse, strange self! The old world is going and the new world has no space for boring baby boomer types.

Not to completely diss the baby boomers, I think they will make amazing spirit guides. They are so stubborn that they are the perfect protectors for their children and grandchildren in the other realms!

So to focus again on the best of Jupiter in Capricorn: solidarity, oneness, endings!

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