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Saturn/Pluto conjunct: Breaking out of the emotional prison

This weekend sees Uranus going direct in Taurus (where it has been at 2degrees Taurus for a while), an eclipse and the infamous Saturn/Pluto conjunction (which only happens every few decades). But what does it mean globally?

Saturn and Pluto last conjoined around the time of the Cold War when we thought everyone was going to nuke each other, the time before during World War I and the time before during World War II. Now we’re seeing more threats of worldwide violence and people were quick to announce we could be heading for a third world war. But with the news of Iran not wanting any violence, it’s clear that’s not what anybody wants. And don’t forget about the Geneva convention! Uranus is moving into a conjunction with where the moon was when the first Geneva convention was created in 1864. That’s pretty rebellious action if you ask me!

Geneva convention signing

Right now there is a pile up of planets in Capricorn, as well as Saturn and Pluto. While Saturn and Pluto will conjoin on the 12th of January, today the Sun and Mercury conjoin in Capricorn, where Jupiter is also transiting. Opposite this stellium of planets we have the moon in Cancer, representing home, family and emotions.

The flush of planets in Capricorn is a very harsh energy. This represents the walls that people want to put up and keep up, how society has expected us to be more independent and disciplined than we can handle, and is the reason why people are reaching burn out stage. We work too hard!

How can we break open and get past this energy? We need to look to the message from the Cancer moon. I have seen a lot of astrologers writing about the message of Capricorn, the doom and gloom that we must be heading for (more restrictive boundaries, more realism, a harsher world) while almost forgetting what Uranus and Neptune are doing.

Uranus is in Taurus trining the planets in Capricorn right now, and Neptune is in Pisces sextiling the planets in Capricorn. While Neptune in Pisces can enable deception and work with the powers that be (Capricorn) to get what they want, Uranus is the rebel that we need. Uranus is in its fall in Taurus and we’re seeing the reality of that now with the environmental turmoil in Australia and Indonesia. Earth is the ruler of Taurus, and the moon rules Cancer, so we really need to listen to what the moon and Uranus want us to know this eclipse. How can we blend the energy of Uranus in Taurus and the moon in Cancer to respond to the weight of this Capricorn build up?

Most of us cannot do anything about the political state of the world (Capricorn) except vote with our hearts (Cancer). This is a season for us to work inward, until we are ready to bloom when Saturn moves into Aquarius. Right now, we have to work on a personal level. If you know your chart, look at where the Moon and Uranus are this eclipse and ask yourself how can you nurture (Cancer) yourself in those areas?

Personally, I am looking at weaning my baby right now, as I have not had enough support to continue breastfeeding and I need to sleep! A long time ago, humans used to live in close knit tribes and would share the workload in groups. It would not always be one person who would do the cooking/cleaning/working/feeding the child. In this Capricornian reality we are living in, this is expected. It’s a huge part of the reason the formula industry is doing so well right now. The mother has been left behind collectively, and we have also left Earth mother (Taurus) behind. Uranus is reminding us of that this year with a bit of a shock (fires in Australia and more disasters to come). Will it take a big earthquake (Capricorn) to shake us awake?

For me, I am facing up to the reality (Capricorn) that I need to nurture myself (Cancer) in order for me to step it up and be able to do more physically (Capricorn). If my body (Taurus) can’t handle breastfeeding then I need to look after myself first (Cancer) and actually from that, my family will also benefit as I won’t be so tired (Cancer). This is a huge compromise for me, and a very tough one as my mother was always a militant breastfeeder. What an emotional Cancerian journey!

All of the planets bar Venus and Mars are in feminine signs for the eclipse. How curious that the sign that naturally rules the feminine – Venus, is in a masculine sign with Mars! Venus is off in Aquarius being entirely detached and almost pretending like this isn’t happening. It’s time for a wake up call! The feminine within us has been asleep, we’ve let the men take over and it’s time this year for the balance to begin to shift.

How are we going to navigate that shift? In your own way, like I said, look after yourself. Be mindful of the truth of how the world is right now, and don’t try to fit into the box we’ve been expected to fit into as women for these many centuries. Don’t underestimate the power within you. The eclipse feels so heavy, it feels like all odds are against us with the Capricorn pile up, but the moon is where it is for a reason. Its message is that the moon is closer to Earth than any of those other “big boy” planets, and its gravity is more important to us, the moon represents mother and we can’t live without “mother” Earth!

The eclipse is directly opposite Mercury (mind) so we need to look after our mental health very closely during the next few months. Now is a good time to get a bit of grounding in preparation for the rollercoaster of events that is coming especially from spring onwards (especially from March 9th when the first Mercury retrograde of the year ends). Jupiter is in a nice sextile with Neptune right now, which is helping to lift the veil a bit on anything deceptive in your life and lend temporary clarity. Make a list of things that help your mind and heart to heal and pick up the words you wrote at this time when you are despairing a bit in the spring, or feel exasperated.

This eclipse also has a real feeling of “take what’s good for you, even if it’s difficult”. Like with a toddler where you have to stop them from jumping off things in case they will hurt themselves! Set boundaries now that you won’t cross, make your plans now for the year. Take your medicine, and have the cupboard of medicines ready!

Now let’s talk globally. There is going to be so much happening that I don’t have the time to cover it all, but here’s a sneak peak. The eclipse could be indicative of major communications issues this year with the internet, as it is opposite Mercury. Don’t get too attached to your social media above all else and keep in touch with your friends on the ground (Capricorn). Capricorn again being opposite the moon in Cancer can be a sign of major floods, as we are already seeing in Indonesia. Mercury rules travel. I see a lot of planes being suddenly grounded at some point.

Capricorn is the hard worker, and rules career and Uranus/Moon is disrupting this. Finland has already said it wants to move to a 4 day week, this is a great Cancer/Uranian way of overcoming the burnout. Look at where you can make way for more flexibility in your life. Make more time for home and family, and the people who ground you (Cancer). Who do you care about? Spend more time with them and less time arguing with trolls on the Internet (Mercury conjunct Cap stellium).

Sallie Krawcheck – the Wall Street feminist

Capricorn is very connected to finance, and when we saw Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn that is when the financial crisis began. Expect that to come to a real head this year. I love to follow Sallie Krawcheck on this, who was CFO of Bank of America and a feminist. We need more women on Wall Street, it’s still male dominated, and she knows this – she set up an investment business called ElleVest especially for women. She wants to fix the problems rather than just watch the market eventually implode and get out in time. She also has kids, and only had 2 weeks maternity leave when she gave birth! Luckily her career survived as her partner worked part time to help with the kids. Things really need to change in the US for women’s rights, so expect to see a lot about that this year.

“We may just survive, if the militia of the mind arm against those climate blind”

This year my favourite musician, Tori Amos is releasing a book called “Resistance” and the description reads “Filled with compassionate guidance and actionable advice-and using some of the most powerful, political songs in Amos’s canon-this book is for readers determined to steer the world back in the right direction”. Tori is a well known advocate for diversity and her latest album was all about our Earth Mother’s current plight, which she is very connected to with her Native American heritage. I always look to her music in times of distress, so I think this book is going to be a great read for everyone (And she’s doing it in audiobook format too!).

Artist impression of all the fires that burned in Australia.

Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman are also ones to watch. Neil is writing a children’s book and Amanda is another singer, who was actually recently in Australia as the bush crisis was happening. Neil has done some great refugee work with UNICEF so I expect to see him come up with some ways to get involved with climate humanitarianism / climate refugees this year.

Back to the Uranian rebelliousness that we need to channel again. Just this week, “Come Out Ye Black and Tans” by Irish rebel band “The Wolfe Tones” shot to number 1 on the iTunes charts in both Ireland and the UK. This was an Irish response to the Irish government looking to celebrate the Irish police force during British rule. The Black and Tans were an extension of this to suppress the Irish Rupublican Army, and the song by the Wolfe Tones is in support of the IRA. Now, most people in Ireland don’t want another war (except for a few crazies), the popularity of the song is all in regular Irish jest. This is very important though! The Irish are not ones to forget their history (we’re not wanting a repeat, we remember what it was like!) and are well able to employ humour to tell everyone: we don’t want a war or borders (like our Prime Minister told Trump on St. Patrick’s Day). We just want to get along, have the craic.

Come Out Ye Black and Tans by The Wolfe Tones

In summary, It’s not a time to give into anger or frustration or focus too much on world events, but it is a time to sit at home with your family and reassess your boundaries, your home, and your inner world. This work in the beginning of the year will have you prepared to stand your ground and help others as the tide turns later in the year. Blessed be!

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