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Ireland’s political awakening: Uranus conjunct sun

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I knew that Ireland’s sun was in Taurus and bound to be strongly affected by the Uranus in Taurus transit, but I recently realized it is at 3 degrees Taurus, which Uranus is about to transit right now. This degree seems to be showing up in a lot of charts that I am reading including my own, so I can’t let it pass without discussing!

We recently had an election where republican party Sinn Féin won the popular vote, meaning that Ireland is no longer a two party system, as it has been for pretty much its entire history. Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, the other two main parties, didn’t see this coming and neither did Sinn Féin as they didn’t run enough candidates to get a larger number of seats in the Dáil (Irish parliament). It was a big shock (Uranian!) to them all. Even the Irish people themselves seemed surprised.

I was not so surprised myself as I had been canvassing doorsteps for left party People Before Profit – support for Sinn Féin and dissent for Fine Gael/Fianna Fáil was very strong. The problem for Ireland is that now a lot of innovation (Uranian!) is required to form a government. There are not enough seats between all the liberal, left parties to form one, and not enough seats between the conservative right to form one either. They must face either working together or another General Election. Even if a coalition is formed, it’s very likely (whether it is right or left) that the government will fall apart (Tower card anyone?) soon after. A right government will have less and less public support and a strong left opposition, and a left one would have varying personalities, strong differing beliefs and a strong right opposition to contend with. It is possible to form a minority government, but Fine Gael are saying they will not go into government, while Fianna Fáil have said they will not work with Sinn Féin. The Green Party seems to be the only party willing to work with everyone, but they have their problems too, and are actually more conservative than your regular European Green Party.

Now that we have the background, let’s pull some charts and draw a theory. Firstly, tomorrow a Taoiseach will need to be elected. This is going to come down between Fine Gael’s Leo Varadkar (current Taoiseach), Fianna Fáil’s Micheál Martin, Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald and the Green Party’s Eamon Ryan.

Leo Varadkar transits

Leo is approaching his Uranus opposition (happens in your early 40s, and he’s 41). Although this won’t happen for a few years yet, Uranus is fast making a conjunction to his natal Chiron in the 5th house. It will be conjunct on Monday, 30th March. Government formation talks are expected to take a few weeks so this could be an indication of his fall from office, or if all talks fail, that Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil seize power for another term. It will also square his Jupiter in the 8th house just before that on Friday 27th March. It could actually be that something negative transpires about Leo’s past around this time. Saturn is not in his favour right now, just about to transit conjunct his sun on 23rd February (indicating criticism of previous government spending and worries about his own finances) and then conjunct his Mars just after the Uranus square to Jupiter on 29th March. If Leo thinks he could lose his seat in a second election (he didn’t do so well this time), it could be he will make his decisions based on his personal financial future and not based on power grabs anymore (therefore he may keep it quiet and hope he can make a career with speaking engagements after leaving office).

Micheál Martin transits

The first thing that struck me looking at Micheál Martin’s chart was the nice trine that Jupiter is making with his true node right now. He feels destined for this role! The big pile up of planets also moving into that trine with his true node can only mean he either grabs the Taoiseach role or at least goes into government. Uranus is about to trine his natal Pluto at 4 degrees Taurus at the same time as moving into an opposition with natal Neptune. As these are generational planets I would say he is very well placed to speak to older members of the electorate and pull the wool over their eyes at this time. It’s not until next year that Uranus starts to move into a trine with the same true node in Virgo that Jupiter just made a trine to. I would imagine that is where the fall from power really happens for him. I don’t have an exact time, but I am guessing Uranus will also be making an opposition to his Moon around the same time, so that shady dealings will be key to this fall from power.

Well I had a “holy crap!” moment when I opened Green Party Eamonn Ryans chart. His natal Uranus is exactly trine Ireland’s sun and Uranus is about to trine it! It looks like it is also about to oppose his moon in Scorpio. Okay, there’s also stuff about Eamon that he doesn’t want us to know, ouch. Can any of these men be trusted?! Very interesting that Eamon’s sun is at 4 degrees Leo, the same degree as Leo’s Jupiter. Leo may actually be in favour of Eamon for Taoiseach. I don’t know why, but I just get knots in my stomach looking at Eamon’s chart, so much so that I really don’t want to keep writing this! Anyway, I don’t think he’s as likely for Taoiseach as Micheál based on his chart. Most notable for me is the Saturn opposite Sun transit he will have on 26th January 2021. Expect him to be really be in the spotlight then, and on the spot, possibly burning red in the face!

Had to be bias and leave my favourite for last. Another moon in Scorpio character, she is not afraid to challenge the status quo. Curiously her sun is at 10 degrees Taurus, so it will also be a while before Uranus reaches her more sudden changes. Can that mean that tomorrow will not be her day as it isn’t time yet? But then along comes Chiron! We’re seeing again a body at 4 degrees of a fire sign (Chiron at 4 degrees Aries). She is becoming a leader, it’s her Chiron return. She’s the voice of wisdom. Her Chiron return will be on 19th March, curiously on the cusp of Pisces. Aha, and that is it, the sun transits her true node at 29 Pisces at the same time. This is going to be an emotional time for her either way! And she deals with it compassionately. I could go more into her chart but we’ll leave that for another day.

I’d imagine if Mary does not secure the role, shady dealings will be the reason, which would only postpone her rise to power until next year when Uranus transits her sun. Fingers crossed people use their free will for good!

When might another general election be called? Uranus transits Ireland’s sun on 8th March for the last time (for another 80ish years). The last time this happened the Irish people voted to repeal the 8th amendment to the constitution. This was a huge grassroots movement. Will we see another one to finish off this transit? One that also calls deep into the souls of the Irish people to awaken to call for a revolution for women’s rights, trans rights, homes for the people and the environment? These all seem to be Taurian themes that Ireland is focusing on lately. Although we have a housing crisis, it’s comforting to know that Uranus is working in our favour, not against us. Uranus also hits the MC of Ireland on 20th March. We’re in the spotlight as usual heading up to St. Patrick’s day but with unexpected events. On 3rd March, Saturn will be conjunct the moon of Ireland. This election has done a lot to the Irish psyche. Perhaps by then we’ll be a bit more grounded about it with a plan of how to move forward.

I can only imagine what exciting times Uranus will bring when it sextiles Neptune in the coming years. Bring it on?

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