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Saturn in Aquarius: Hard reset – the new normal

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I’m writing this on St. Patrick’s day and in Ireland it’s a very strange St. Patricks Day. Very Aquarian! Everything is shut and there are no parades. I’m taking this opportunity to spend time with my family and be grateful for them. 

I was listening to the radio earlier and they were talking about what it means to be Irish. How everyone around the world today will wish to be Irish, and how beautiful that is. How Irish people have always been strong in community and compassion. It’s crucial that we focus on and grow this energy in the coming months. The whole world is still going to be adorned in green today, as the global greening is still going ahead to “bring positivity and hope”. Green is the colour of the heart chakra, compassion and goodwill towards others. Even if you just focus periodically and imagine that energy growing from within you out while you breathe, that is enough to see you through this turmoil. You can do this even while moving around your house or taking a walk in the park! 

Sydney opera house begins the global annual greening – photo Fiora Sacco

Saturn moves into Aquarius on March 23rd. Around the same time we have a conjunction with Mars and Pluto. New information coming to light at this time is not good news. It’s going to, as we Irish say “scare the bejaysus” out of you. There is a lot more death happening behind the scenes than the public is aware of right now, and a lot of hidden information (Neptune is still in Pisces). What you can do directly is to share trusted information. Surround yourself with celebrity accounts, news that you actually trust. It’s ok to dive straight into the fear, experience it and face it, just not to let yourself be consumed! I’m keeping an eye on what Cristina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil is saying. Lacuna Coil is an Italian metal band that deals with processing darkness. I met Cristina last year, and she is a positive and strong person. She’s in quarantine in Italy and is holding an amazing positive space for everyone.

In Ireland they have closed schools etc. for two weeks – I predict this will be extended. Unfortunately Jupiter will be conjunct Pluto on March 31st. The fear, paranoia and pain will become even more real and widespread in the next two weeks leading up to this date, as many more deaths happen (Pluto). Just know at this time that it will pass and lighten up gradually towards the middle of next month. Light candles, sing, just keep up hope until the passing of that transit. Try to spread the positive stories of people helping etc. on social media. Be supportive.

A candle lighting behind my Anubis statue, the god of rebirth

We’ve been on the verge of a rebellion globally and Saturn in Aquarius at the beginning will seek to dismantle that. This will especially be a problem until May 14th when Mars finally moves into Pisces and out of the same sign as Saturn. Don’t expect to be at any in-person protests until then. At this point Jupiter will move into retrograde, giving us more time to re-hone where our efforts need to be going at this juncture. It is hopeful that this is the time when restrictions will loosen up. I concur with Kelly Surtees timeline if you want to read more about timing. Aggression and gaslighting on social media will also stop working as the nodes move (early May), people will become more educated about how to combat internet trolls. If you’re looking for a way to be part of climate strikes, join the online Slack community We are working on a global digital strike in the next month.

Aquarius is the humanitarian, and Saturn is moving into a square with Uranus in Taurus right now. They want us to put our efforts into the right places. For example, there is a gofundme in Ireland right now to feed the health care workers in the hospitals. They already have enough money to feed them for 10 weeks. 

Saturn in Aquarius will bring discoveries and innovations about the body. As research is being done, new treatments for various disorders will be stumbled upon. New technology is also key to some of these findings, and the Raspberry Pi Foundation is working on an open source ventilator, which looks very promising! Aquarius rules the alternative, so expect alternative medicine to make a strong comeback. Pluto is still in Capricorn so expect there to be more discoveries about ancient buildings, what they meant and were used for. Also information about ancient societies, and how Aquarian they were. More civilised and fair than society now! This knowledge will make people realise we have been going backwards and need to embrace more the Aquarian values of humanitarianism and community. 

I expect the electricity grid to have problems with so many more people at home. There may be restrictions to how much electricity you can use. This will hopefully lead to more green, sustainable solutions. However, people being allowed to step out of the auras of others at the workplace will empower them to take action and ground. This will lead to more workers unions (especially in tech) and a better connection with nature. Aquarius is detached but sometimes you need to detach in order to “reattach” to what is really most important – basic needs, your wellbeing. 

Saturn in Aquarius will lead to big changes with the internet (Aquarius rules the internet). This will likely begin with some restrictions and end with reform. How much data can the social media giants really hold while being sustainable? I think this is an opportunity. Too long have we had our heads buried in our devices (me too!). When the nodes go into Gemini and Saggitarius on May 6th our attention will be drawn towards our use of social media and how we should use our knowledge and skills in a more positive way. It reminds me of an A Perfect Circle song “Time to put the silicone obsession down. Take a look around, find a way in the silence”. Take this opportunity to get outside more and connect with nature. Uranus in Taurus is calling us to be innovative and begin to grow our own food, so tending what little patches or even flower boxes you have to grow herbs etc will help. It will also help you keep grounded as Saturn moves into Aquarius. Remember, Jupiter is still in Capricorn, and this is also going to be a year of silver linings. Help us to grow this energy, and say goodbye to the old ways.

This transit marks a collective rebirth, just know that we are going through the tunnel together and that what awaits us is exciting, new, different and promising. We decide where it takes us!

Disillusioned by A Perfect Circle

Alternative therapies for this time:

  • Back flower rescue remedy for calmness/anxiety
  • Strong turmeric for inflammation
  • Elderberry, vitamin C, echinacea for prevention (especially for little ones)
  • Probiotics, kombucha
  • Enzymedica Enzyme Defense
  • SoriaNatural Expectosor expectorant (or look out for eucalyptus remedies)
  • Collodial silver for throat discomfort
  • Bella Donna homeopathic for fever in little ones, paracetamol for older people (do not use Neurofen)
  • Garlic as a natural anti biotic
  • Lots of organic fruit and veggies of course!

Because we’re moving from an old world and way of thinking, I’m ending with some phrases I recommend focusing on this year to move us through to the next phase of consciousness rebirth.

Key positive phrases for Saturn in Aquarius: Focused humanitarian efforts, political reform, community, wellbeing, alternative medicine, synthesis of herbal and medical medicine, technology for good causes.

Stay safe and well! xxx

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and you should always check with your doctor if you have a medical problem. Herbal medicine can very well complement medicine in many situations. Please get your vaccinations as recommended by your doctor.

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