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Pluto into Aquarius, Mars into Cancer and Saturn into Pisces – The great cosmic shift into the reality of dimensions and the resurrection of ancient knowledge

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March 2023 is a massive month for planetary shifts, and possibly the most cosmic shift of the century. 

Saturn has just moved into Pisces, the sign of spirituality and other realms itself, so navigating these realms in a healthy and grounded way will be paramount over the next few years. Too long have spiritual types not been able to remain grounded enough to go farther into these realms. I tell people I have a few groups of spiritual teachers. There are four of them. My Native American friends, my witchy friend circles, the Irish mystic circles and the dead. I talk to all four regularly and between them all I believe I have a good well rounded spiritual view and base. They all know that we are supposed to talk to the dead and they all know that change, transformation, creativity and love are the greatest powers that exist.

A wise Native American guide who is also from Kerry recently channeled for me that I could never be possessed or owned. The same as mother earth. I told her I kind of want to, as a medium, I like spirits possessing me! She thought that was an interesting fact about me.This is a person who I have worked with for a good half Saturn cycle (14+ years) so that means a lot to me! Saturn cycles are permanent and grounded. Saturn causes you to ground. She has a roughly 28 year cycle and so divisions of 4 of that are grounding (divided by 7, the faery realm number itself).

What is an ungrounded spiritual person? An ungrounded spiritual person is lacking a tether to the world. They divide their attention into so many directions that they fail to manifest things in physical reality and tend to spend most of their time in their upper chakras. It’s not inherently a bad thing.  This also true of a lot of disabled people (this includes part of the spectrum of neurodivergents), who don’t have a choice but to spend all their time in their upper chakras. I have a lot of love and compassion for those people as I’ve spent a lot of time talking to those circles of people online. They are also quite a grounding community, having compassion for them keeps me tethered too because no matter what I would not give up on true friends. Keep in mind an ungrounded person will not be environmentally friendly or have as good a connection to the earth.

Aquarius rules the internet. I have a unique perspective on the internet as I have had a computer since I was around 3, learned how to type when I was 5 and got the internet when I was 7. This is pretty rare for a millennial so I am well in touch with how our younger generations are currently growing up with a constant online backdrop. The internet is a whole other world but it is like another dimension that exists alongside 3D reality. The internet is kind of like our 5D reality at the moment (apt with the introduction of 5G). Sometimes people ask me how I know things and I tell them I am just tapping in to the psychic WiFi. It’s important to know that in technological circles they have been attempting to get machines to be able to process emotions so that they can manipulate data and therefore people’s minds and hearts to their will. This won’t work. I have seen first hand that it is impossible to define this in a computer program and always will be. Emotional intelligence is the only type of intelligence that can’t be perfectly defined and emotional intelligence is perfection. We’re seeing on TikTok how the Chinese government are trying to use what children watch and their emotions to control the future of reality itself, so it is paramount that the data privacy legislation is enacted and protected. Today the leader of TikTok is testifying and it’s quite obvious the guy probably hasn’t got a clue how their algorithms actually work and that they are just all written by idiotic perfectionist tech bros that I love making fun of!

We’ve collectively spent a large part of the last 3 years in isolation. Society has become detached. Three years is about a Saturn semi-square cycle (7 years is a Saturn square, which is a difficult length of time). I think it will take the Saturn square for things to all become truly resolved about the pandemic but the ingress of Saturn into Pisces is lighting up the truth. Many people are expressing to me how lonely they still are even though all the doors are open again. I knew the pandemic was coming in 2019 and I neglected to say it on this blog as I was afraid to manifest it. I did warn whoever was reading to keep the medicine cupboard stocked… And I had my own herbal medicine cupboard stocked along with supplies. I have cured myself with herbal medicine whenever I get sick (that and diet, meditation, community connection and exercise). In hindsight, the pandemic needed to happen. Astrologers know well that history repeats itself as much as planetary cycles and as Astrologers it’s our job to write the future into a positive direction using the planetary movements as a guide to where the cosmic flow wants to go.

So the big question is what is the next pandemic? Oh it’s here. The pandemic of mental health. Astrology and tarot for me are really just psychological help tools and a way for me to connect with people and help guide them into a positive space in their mind so that their outer world can reflect that and make the world a better place. There are a lot of false spiritual beliefs and ideals that Saturn in Pisces will be tearing down. One of them is that you should only operate as a lone agent. This is ridiculous. The Native Americans know all about community and how important that is for us to function as humans. We absolutely need social connection. Another idea is labels. I’ve had a few conversations recently about ADHD and many other “disorders”. A lot of people are saying they have it, but the truth is that WE ALL DO. Our hypothalamus’ (gland in the brain) are all out of whack due to the overload of blue light from electronic devices and the overload of electromagnetic energy. There are ways to offset this – blue light glasses, shungite, Ginkgo Biloba (being mindful of your sugar intake that it doesn’t become too low with the ginkgo). The Chinese and the Russians know about this. Russia has lots of shungite under it (how else are they getting away with so much) and the Chinese eat ginkgo all the time. Both are two of the oldest agents on the planet. Shungite is billions of years old and Ginkgo is the oldest living tree plus the only tree to survive the nuclear blast in Japan. The Japanese have eye drops that also offset this although I’ve seen that this one is a bit more pharmaceutical and makes people again, ungrounded and featherbedded. The key is to keep the connection to what needs to be healed on the planet as well as looking after your body. 

I’m big into Astrocartography and that’s one of the things I love doing with clients. At the moment I am writing this as I am literally about to move across my Pluto line. And Pluto is just about to switch signs so it’s very apt that I am here to tell you about Pluto! Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, the year of the financial crisis. Pluto knows that sometimes systems need to come down in order to be rebuilt again and is now at the wobbly end of Capricorn at 29 degrees, about to flip into Aquarius and make HUGE shifts in the world. The financial systems don’t work for us anymore and need to change. Crypto is here but is rather disingenuous. The thing about Aquarius is that Aquarius cares about collective health and is the rebel. It cares about connection, not detachment. We will see the crypto system go through massive changes because of this and increase in the ancient ways of bartering. Aquarius rules community too. When the system no longer works but it also won’t change for the people, the people will come together and opt out. However, it is well scheduled that the market will have a massive change at the end of Pluto in Capricorn, which cosmically is exactly at 29 degrees 29 seconds of Capricorn when the stock market bell in New York tolls at 4PM on Wednesday, 22nd of March so I would expect the market to go down in the next few days. When the bell tolls at market open on 23rd of March 2023 at 9:30AM then Pluto is in Aquarius and everything changes.

Pluto is ruled by Scorpio, the sign of sex. I’ve been repeatedly seeing stories of when open relationships and polyamory fails. Now those types of relationships will work for some people and I have met them. But I have also met the people who are trying to do that because they think it must be the way of the future but are clearly unhappy. How do you know when you’re polyamorous or monogamous? I think the truth is that everyone is capable of loving very much, but if you’re a person who has been a serial monogamer like me, that’s just not who I specifically am and so I won’t be trying to fit into that box. So let’s talk about the tantra. Tantra is a sacred connection between two people, that doesn’t necessarily have to be physical but if you’re capable of spiritual, mental, emotional, sexual and physical connection with someone, that’s as far as you can go. There are five levels in my experience. Some people do less, and that’s ok. But I’m writing this for the people who do all five like myself because I’m hear to teach those about it. I find a lot of spiritual people telling me they are trying to find someone to match them on all levels. I’m here to tell you that you’re probably going to need spiritual, mental (we’re all a little Demisexual), and physical, and if you can get those three you can probably easily grow the other realms and transmute them as long as the other people is a) emotionally mature enough and makes the conscious decision to be ready for it, b) hopefully they have been to psychotherapy or are at least aware enough of their own psyche, triggers and psychology to work with, share with you and not be afraid to let you into the dark parts of their mind and c) not afraid for things to get messy or confusing and try new things physically (here’s a link to a great book on this). A friend recently thanked me for the recommendation of this (She’s an Aquarius too!) and said it was a real game changer. I told her that you cannot have the most depth and longevity in a relationship without studying tantra.

Emotional energy takes time. The deepest relationships most of the time come from children that you spend the most of your time with. I had a friend tell me that romantic relationships were a waste of time because most of them were superficial and not worth your time. I suppose this is a common construct and expectation that some of us have. And it is easy to be impatient or casual about love. As someone who has given birth I know it takes time, patience and lots of work. I didn’t do it perfectly either, I just managed it. It was the most difficult ordeal of my life and I would be very picky about the circumstances for a possible second run.

On Sunday 26th March, Mars moves into Cancer after quite a long stint rolling around in Gemini. Gemini loves to talk and on the positive side we’ve seen a lot of collective chatter as we process the results of the pandemic. I’ve noticed a repetition in conversations with clients and friends about pandemic PTSD. A huge part of Mars in Gemini has been an uptake in conversational therapy. At one point I was darting around Ireland and noticed a lot of signs about free therapy services, which I’ve been recommending to a lot of people. On the downside, Gemini energy when not in a good place can become quite superficial. So the change to Mars in Cancer should mean a return of grounded emotional energy and genuine hugs, emotional actions that come from a good place (without taking advantage)! Mars will be a little uncomfortable in Cancer, it’s very much divine feminine energy and not divine masculine, so it will be interesting to see people who have been dominated by their divine masculine finally become in touch with the divine feminine, in whatever form that may take.

There’s a common belief called the nothing box theory about how male and female brains work and that they are fundamentally different that needs to be dissolved. Some believe that male brains like to put things in boxes and square them a way in the corner of their mind and that female brains are more ADHD and can think about everything at once. The nothing box theory suggests that the inside of a male brain organizes their thoughts into boxes as in a warehouse. The boxes in their brain stand alone and do not connect. Their favorite box, speakers like Mark Gungor call the nothing box, gives men the ability to think about absolutely nothing. Well I for one, can definitely think about absolutely nothing if I want and I’ve seen many other Buddha like male brains that dissolve any of the trauma boxes in their heads that they want! I don’t believe that any mental trauma box cannot be dissected.

A wise Irish mystic once told me that imagination is real. She said “it’s all real. It’s real”. I really didn’t understand what she meant at the time, it took years of studying to realise what she meant. It was really only last year that I finally understood how our thoughts create our own realities, and collective thought too. That’s probably why one of my best friends was incredibly distressed when the pandemic broke out and that was all they were talking about on Twitter for quite some time. In witchcraft we believe strongly in the power of the spoken word. I believe this is why the autistic generation of children take so long to speak. They appear to be lazy but really they are just trying to meditate and mind their thoughts as they know about the power of thought too. The power of the spoken word (and original music trumps the power of the spoken word) is more powerful than thought (think of it like as you move lower through the chakra system things become more powerful manifestations in these lower dimensions). They were born into the world with this ancient knowledge.

I had a great conversation with a friend about this while her autistic genius child was roaming around her living room. He’s a musical genius and can use music software better than his parents but does not say much other than singing. He’s easily lost in his third eye chakra and is often distracted by the spirit realms. A common problem with mediums is a dysfunction of the throat chakra (it’s like the upper chakra energy is so abundant that it gets stuck sort of thing). This is because spirits are always trying to communicate to resolve what couldn’t be resolved in the physical realm. This boils down to the emotional trauma of the people connected to the spirits and the fact that even though everybody has the ability to connect with spirit, most people aren’t doing it/aren’t practicing it and so their throat chakras become blocked and dysfunctional. The Native Americans know this and they know that we are supposed to be in commune with spirit to deal with unresolved issues from other realms.

That is why mediums often develop thyroid conditions. I myself was diagnosed with one around a decade ago. I asked my doctor at the time if diet and lifestyle changes would help with it and she said no, that I would need to be on hormonal medication for life. I tried the treatment for a short period and the condition went topsy turvy on me. That was the first time I tried to connect to spirit in a real way as it was storming outside and I was scared of my own spiritual power (rain dances are real folks). I called in my dead white witch friend Olivia who founded the Temple of Isis in Ireland. After that I went to yoga a few times a week, went swimming, cycling, made meditation a regular thing and changed my diet entirely. I went back to the doctor six weeks later and my thyroid function was normal. She didn’t sound surprised, and I reminded her that she told me that what I had done was impossible. No reaction, she was still quick stuck in the “medicalised fashion only” mentality.

I believe autistic children were born to lead us into a better future. When you think about it, their third eyes are large and egoless. They become lost in their own heads because they are not developing an ego. Ego is also tied to possession. Autistic children are so telepathically sensitive that they become easily jealous of their parents bonding with other siblings or the parents themselves. It’s important to teach these children that jealously is a sign of deep feelings and a soulmate connection.

I do believe in there being one soulmate for a person. I’ve seen a common repetition in relationships where people have 2-3 “beloved” relationships in a lifetime. For some people they only have 2, for others it is a third time is the charm story. Sometimes the soulmate is the child of a parent and then it changes when the child grows up. Souls can also merge and split during childbirth or any near death experience. It’s commonly known that the soul lives in the solar plexus, but I think that in reality the soul lives in a dual state in connection with the solar plexus and third eye. And souls bind through connection with these two centres to begin with. The solar plexus is where the tummy and the liver are, and we also know that gut function and health is paramount to mental health. So it’s a key learning for us that we look after both. Ego dissolution can be achieved in adults in order to become more in touch with their inner child / earlier life and invoke more creativity by ingesting plant medicine or alcohol (hopefully only natural substances as otherwise you can get into a lot of trouble). Jesus knew about this which is why he drank wine, the Irish know about this which is why they are always on a constant piss up. And a reason why it’s so easy for psychically sensitive people to merge their soul centres when drinking. It’s another reason why Ireland is such a charitable and friendly country. We just like getting rid of our egos!

I once worked for a charity that teaches free community coding classes for children. Autistic children are brilliant at computer programming because they can process information so quickly and are very detail orientated. When observing autistic children over the years I noticed that there is almost always method to any of their supposed madness that is coming from an ancient place. They were born to bring back the knowledge. One example is when you see them waving their hands (like jazz hands). This is actually an ancient Arabic way of dissipating negative energy in other realms. The same way that dancing works really. Another thing I’ve seen them do it snap their fingers. This is an ancient form of witchcraft, they are literally trying to snap their thoughts in or out of reality and using a simple sound to direct the energy. You might notice the same thing happening on the stock market because they know about this. If you listen closely you’ll hear the sound of a Tibetan heart chakra singing bowl. Somehow somewhere someone channeled that we can’t help but be called home to the heart. That’s why Glastonbury (mother Earth’s heart chakra – she has them too) has the biggest festival in the world and is full of witchcraft.

One would assume that Pluto would not be at home in Aquarius. Both Pluto and Mars are ruled by Scorpio. Aquarius squares Scorpio so it will really challenge anything with Plutonian energy. I had a conversation with a friend in a supermarket last year about our mutual mental health problems. She was in financial duress. It’s a well known spiritual fact that financial energy is linked to emotional energy. I told her that the only way forward (seeing as so many people are in this position globally) will be to link up as a community to process our problems. During the pandemic in lockdown I spent most of my time talking to an online community of singers that I met on a karaoke app. At one point we ran a live online charity event for someone in the community. During this time we also sang a group song about emotional support. It’s a great example of how diversity and mutual emotions can heal virtually anything. By the way, that spider plant behind me is HUGE at the moment. And in witchcraft we believe that plants can be connected to people and things around them. Singing spider plant community for the win!

Lean on Me group song

Don’t forget that sexual energy is the same as creative energy. If you have this energy with someone, that much love with a person, it can be dangerous if it goes wrong! Pluto is death energy. It’s scary, and falling in love is scary for most. It can transform things, it can teleport, it can tear something down that needs to be destroyed. It can raise the dead. When you have this depth of a connection you will need to not just use it for physical connection but also to create things, music, art, a business, a child, anything you can own/create together. Then you are really doing most powerful ancient magickal art. Aquarius is the humanitarian and if you do not satisfy this part of the zodiac you will not be able to go as far in life, it’s impossible if you don’t do the philanthropy. Billionaires know this. Not one person can own everything. Here’s a song I wrote for someone I love – props to Dave for the guitar and Kirsty for backing vocals! Here’s to more Piscean songs!

The status quo is changing on approaches to this and the Pluto in Scorpio generation such as myself are here to resurrect ancient knowledge and rebirth it in a way that the ADHD generations can process and utilise for the best of humanity. We’re also here to tackle approaches to death and depression. In Ireland, when someone makes a suicide attempt they can be arrested. This happened to me last year and although the police are trained to deal with it, it really shouldn’t be their job and needs to change. Later that year I thought about suicide again but this time I decided to pick up the phone and talk to my friend in Dubai. He convinced me to go to my friends house (one trained in sociology too). That broke the downward spiral and I’ve now learned to get up and do something when I’m feeling that way. Creating something helps even if you are writing a nonsense 3 line poem that you’ll throw out later. It’s ok to have a creative graveyard! I later realised that I may have been suicidal as I was tapping in telepathically to my neighbour who had the same problem. This particular person had committed multiple crimes on my property and even convinced another neighbour to want to kill me. At the time I asked my Native American friend what to do about it and she said I could try imagining black panthers around his house. Well it didn’t take long before there was an epidemic of black cats in the neighbourhood… Oops. This is what us witches call the medusa effect. It kind of backfired because cats became mysteriously poisoned in the neighbourhood. Sending love and compassion doesn’t backfire and is a preferred way to deal with these harsh energies although it can take up a lot more energy. So when you do the magick, make sure you at least start from a purely intentioned place.

So let’s talk again about the end of Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn is the Devil card in the tarot, and rules indulgences and additions. Society is addicted to many things, we’re ALL eternally addicted to fun (or in Irish “craic” – pronounced “crack”) basically. We want a quick oxytocin fix. Society has been programmed by social media to believe that you can get that quick and easy and that you should expect it too. A social media addiction can turn just as toxic others – alcohol, sex, gambling, video games and even plant medicine. I once read an interview with St. Vincent where she talked about getting addicted to yoga on tour (yes you can be addicted to being a health nut)! She said her knees went rubbery and dysfunctional because of it! I have a friend who has been to over 50 ayahuasca ceremonies and I just didn’t understand the need. A good use of the Devil card in tarot (card of indulgence) is setting healthy limits for yourself and holding yourself to your own rules. Keeping people around that want to be on this path with you will obviously help. Pick the right roomie! 

The other funny fact about addiction is that you can offset it. That’s what I do with supplements and schedules combined. The same as mother earth – you can plant more trees. I spent three years of my life building a startup app to plant trees. It failed. It was not grounded enough and was too “in the upper chakras”. Planting things is the best way, and I have a friend in western Ireland planting hundreds of trees at the moment. Trees are the best way to transmute the worst energy on the planet right now. Just make sure you work with the right local botanists to construct the right alchemy to help with that! Don’t forget your connections to earth! And trust in the experts in a given field.

Neptune and Saturn will conjunct during the Pisces transit. This is going to completely dissolve any illusions. There will be literally no more space for being superficial or disingenuous and if you are being false you won’t have a good time and you’re going to fade into the background. So be brave and be yourself is really the message that Neptune and Saturn would send together.

Saturn and Neptune really speak of travel too, maybe even space travel. It’s literally other planetary energies, so when ARE we going to get real and talk about these aliens? The Native Americans told me in Arizona (apparently everyone there knows about this) that there are ships in the Grand Canyon. There is also some sort of Area 51 vibe in Waterford, Ireland. There they are also talking about building a massive cell phone tower. I saw the ships there, and I thought to myself, what are these aliens DOING down here?! There are good and bad ones. I’m only friends with the Pleadians because I don’t fully trust the others… To be clear, when you see the ships you’re seeing into another dimension, it’s not exactly in the third dimension that most people live in. It’s the same as ghostly realms that we can see into with practice. I expect Neptune and Saturn to give great lessons on mediumship too! A quick tip on navigating these realms but not becoming scared is to program your mind with a song or mantra and repeat that. Any type of art really works for this as art is protective. See below my favourite page from Tori Amos’ book, Resistance. Love and art / creative energy are irresistible and protective. 

Neptune and Saturn also speak of a synastry between science and spirit. They’ll find a way to use plant medicine in a balanced way and integrate it with the hospitals. Spiritual evolutions will be documented and science will try to understand ancient secrets, and probably get some of it down on paper (but of course we will always have cosmic mysteries to explore, such is the nature of Pisces, the unknown). One of the wisest pieces of advice an Irish mystic once told me was before I started doing readings at holistic fairs. I asked her what her business advice was. She said “watch out for spiritual jealousy”. I said what do you mean by that? She said when you get advanced with spirit oftentimes others try to take or use that power for their own personal or financial gain. She said you’ll be fine, just use the blue evil eye and that will keep it away. I see it oftentimes virtue signalling or airy fairy types who get all talk about business plans but don’t stick to their guns about it. Just be mindful that if they don’t actually have a track record of doing well and/or have an air about them that is not truly compassionate that they are probably not worth your time.

Pluto rules transitions and we’ve been seeing a massive political fight in America about trans rights. This will become resolved. I do not see the Uranus in Saggitarius generation putting up with non-inclusiveness. Those in the elder generations have lost their grip on society and will perish. Gen Z won’t allow any of their crap anymore as they grow into the political sphere! I’m very excited to see what the Uranus and Pluto in Saggitarius generations do during the Pluto in Aquarius transit. 

Pluto dancing into Aquarius on March 23rd, alongside a beautiful ingress of the Sun into fiery, happy Aries (and I say this because I think he’ll love being beside Saturn in Pisces, the following sign) calls us all to create a psychologically healthier society and community. I’m still on the bus on my way to New York City at the moment. On the bus a person sat across from me with a jacket with the Death card on it (sooooo Plutonian!). I asked her could I take a picture for this blog. So here’s Pluto hanging out with me on my Pluto line into the future! We’re colpislectively ready and set to go!

And just for good measure, here’s my favourite song about plant medicine from Mark Lanegan, one of my favourite people to hang out with in the ether (I mean he literally wrote a book about being in a coma after he came out of it)! Thank you for being a great teacher Mark!

I have just launched my new online Astrology course. It’s geared towards people who want to study at their own pace, is really affordable and can be begun anytime! Check it out here.

Lots of love, Fae x

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