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About my readings

A little bit about how an Astrology reading with me works to start with! Most people do not know that your Astrological make up is more important than where the sun was when you were born. In my readings I look at all of the planets in the solar system and some asteroids. The whole make up creates a very unique set of energies for each person. Astrology is not always about predicting the future, but more importantly about grounding yourself in where you are now and figuring out your current trajectory. This trajectory can be changed very powerfully through a reading as you consider your current path. Everything is connected by spiritual “wires” that psychics manipulate through readings: we tap into these wires and they can be gently pulled into an alternate direction! It can be a great validation of where you are now and where you want to go. 

I do three formats, which can be seen on the homepage: A mini reading is €60 and consists of a basic overview of your chart, and any messages I get for you via email.An “Interactive” reading (€100) goes more in depth into your current and future transits, and allows for follow up questions in a 20 minute call/or via email after you receive your reading. Then I also do a premium reading which (on top of the interactive reading features) includes synastry (relationships) with the charts for three other people, the option to do elective astrology (picking an advantageous time and date for an event) and other specific requests e.g. Astrocartography (cleared with me before payment).

It’s most useful for clients when they can ask specific questions about topics that you’d like me to cover e.g. “I am now a plumber but thinking of moving into carpentry”. A chart does not necessarily say that you are predestined to be a plumber but would display that you would lend yourself well to e.g. manual tasks. So the more information I have the better I can help you to figure out where you want to put your gifts/energies. Feel free to share as little or as much information as you feel comfortable with, and note that it is confidential.

A usual psychic disclaimer: I am not a doctor, psychologist or nutritionist – I can only give you what information I intuitively receive, and information about my own spiritual/physical experiences. I am happy to guide but it is very important you listen to your own inner voice and feel what is right for you when making life decisions. Astrology provides a map of the energy/gifts we were given when we came to earth and it is up to us what we do with them (what I’m saying is – you have the free will and power to make what you want of it!).