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Intuitive Astrology for Beginners with Fae at Ritual Space in Philly

By the end of the course students will be comfortable reading their own chart, will have a basis for beginning to read other people’s charts and a good understanding of Astrology basics. Tuition includes exclusive access to the online student forum which does not expire.

Your teacher: with her degree in Fine Art and Masters in Computer Science, Fae has both creative and logical talents. This lends very well to intuitive Astrology, which I have
studied for about half my lifetime! I also offers private one-on-one Astrology consultations in tandem with her other professions.

Ritual Space is a community driven center in Philadelphia poised to bring spiritual unity and a fun, energetic vibe to the city. Upcoming course dates:
May 17th & 18th 6:30PM – 9PM 2023

Both evenings from 6:30PM – 9PM with a short break midway

Course curriculum

Lesson 1: The planets, their symbols and meanings

Lesson 2: The star signs, their symbols and meanings, reading an ephemeris

Lesson 3: Basic aspects: trines, squares, sextiles, oppositions

Lesson 4: An overview of most commonly discussed asteroids, their symbols and meanings

Lesson 5: The houses and their meanings

Lesson 6: A first look at your natal chart and walking you through where your planetary placements are

Lesson 7: Dignity – the strength and weaknesses of each respective planet and sign

Lesson 8: Reading transits and more in a chart

Lesson 9: Reading celebrity charts as examples

Lesson 10: Swap charts with someone else in the course or find a friends chart and try reading something about them

Final quiz

And beyond…

Students can avail of a 10% discount off their next reading from me upon enrolment.

Students can at any time during or after the course book a 1-1 video call mentoring session to assist with the course for €70/$70. Just book in via the homepage. You can also book regular 1-1 chart readings on the homepage.

Bookings are 100% refundable if cancelled 1 week before the event.